• Paul Carey & Julian Scheffer

    Paul and Julian compose contemporary Brazilian music...

    specifically for these iconic Brazilian instruments, the 6 string and the 7 string guitar. The pieces are written in the style of Brazilian choro, from the perspective of two Australian musicians.


    Paul and Julian’s first musical meeting was in June 2010 in Glora, Rio de Janeiro. Since then a true musical and personal friendship has developed. The project was realized on a hot night in Paul’s adopted kitchen in Rio in 2010 over a bottle of cachaça.


    United after this great journey to Brazil, Paul and Julian set out to write the first record ‘Ao Meu Lado’, each from their respective side of the world, Paul in Melbourne, Australia and Julian in the Hague, Netherlands. Over 2011 many tunes were written by the duo and they went about selecting the final cut. In February 2012, in Melbourne, the project was finally recorded at Glenmorgan Street Studios.


    In the soon to be released second record the duo has put together a collection of their most recent compositions. In this current project the duo has included a selection of Argentinean influenced music. The styles of chacarea, milonga and chamamé have been entwined through the Brazilian choro. In the south, Brazil shares a border with Argentina and in this region, Brazilian and Argentinean music overlap.


    For both Paul and Julian, making music with someone who is equally as passionate about playing this music is a gift in itself. Playing music is all about trying to find those golden moments where the music and the experience become greater than the sum of its parts. It is an amazing thing to become aware of the opportunity for dialogue and friendship through Brazilian and Argentinean music, but one must have respect for the relentless pursuit of learning, for it takes a lifetime.


    Paul and Julian’s principle work is playing choro influenced music. Choro is considered an important popular music style in Brazil and is typified by the use of the 6 string and 7 string guitar. Julian and Paul have both spent time in Brazil, studying and playing music.


    Paul and Julian are involved in a number of other projects including Trio Agogo, MC Guitar Duo, Alma Mater and Projeto Inesperado and have a long history with other successful Melbourne groups including Fizard and Labjacd.


    Over generations, Brazilian music has always been well represented beyond its shores and Paul and Julian are part of that continuum. Brazilian and Argentinean music is full of light, heat, melancholy and romance and it’s this that has always caught the ears of the world. This music brings the brilliance of South America right to your front door.
  • News...

    The final leg of our Album tour is over and the concerts in Canberra and Sydney were fantastic. Sydney greeted us with fabulous weather and good company. Thanks to our incredible and talented friends, Gabie Soares and Nigel Jones for the support and joining us on the gigs and a big shout out to the venues, The Front and the Old Canberra Inn, also Bondi Rumba and Gasoline Pony.




  • House Concerts

    House Concerts with Paul Carey & Julian Scheffer


    Melbourne guitarists, Paul Carey and Julian Scheffer, are keen to work with you to plan an affordable concert in your living room, garden or deck. The harmonies of the six and seven string guitar invoke the unique and recognisable rhythm and melodies of Brazilian and Argentinian music. Paul and Julian are accomplished and experienced performers whose musicality and presentation never fail to engage audiences. A house Concert is quality music performed in a warm, personal and intimate environment. A chance to invitefamily, friends, neighbours, work-colleagues into yourhome for a small ensemble performance. There are no special requirements, it’s very affordable and almost any space is suitable.



    “Que beleza! new horizons for 21st century gtr drawing respectfully on the rich bounty of violao brasileiro tradition with fresh and original approaches from these two brilliant players” - Doug de Vries.

    ‘Ao Meu Lado’ is the debut release by these two guitarists. The record has 7 original tunes: some choro, valse, maxixe and a malambo, the title track, ‘Ao Meu Lado’. In honour of their friend and mentor, Doug de Vries, the record also includes two previously unreleased pieces written by Doug, as an homage. The record also includes a choro by Maurício Marquez, ‘Choro Espoleta’. The arrangement to this piece inspired the original compositions on this disc and was the inception of this project.


    The second full-length release for Paul and Julian delves in to a world of contemporary guitar music from the perspective of two Australian composers. 

    On this record they have revisited the great tradition of the guitar duo, (a mainstay in Brazil, Argentina, Portugal and Spain), which lies at the heart of their friendship and musical connection.


    The album, Paul Carey, Julian Scheffer & Friends, is a tribute to the many fabulous musicians playing in Melbourne who work with Paul and Julian and share a love of this music. The opportunity to compose pieces of music for their friends, these fine musicians, and to share 2 days in the studio recording this album was what it was all about.